Tuesday, 31 March 2009

@T my tEachIng sKul

see the student at the front, a simple question (64 x3=? )
also havent finished done..everyone edi finished .
He is the student always put up the hand want to answer question,
but dnt know to answer!! arg!!

my class students

hmmm....for those no teaching friends, see, these are the student

that making noise, lazyish , no expression ..........

at the front seat, i arrange those student failed at exam to sit,

but every time i also realized that they also dream when i teaching.
ha ha


biRthdaY cArd DIY......

choosing a birthday wrapping paper
find out the picture i like ( 3) and
prepare art work tools

after cutting and pasting

A beautiful diy birthday card finished already

Saturday, 28 March 2009

~ ~ teaching

Teaching not a easy job,
is a very challenging job,
the year 3 "children"
very smart
very talented, but their talent
at those bad attitude...
no expression
how to teach?
teacher cant use cane....
if not...
nowaday parent love to complain
we just can wholeheartedly to teach well,
but one teacher facing 40 students..
it's very arduous to convert them
to a good student
nowaday students so rude,
very "clever" and "formidable"
every PARENT
please dont spoil the child
YOU play an important role to teach the child !!

Friday, 27 March 2009

my Art wOrk desiGn

which one design better?

wedding card
christmas card

chinese new year card

shell card

love card

Thursday, 26 March 2009

4 Flat

with hardworking and determination,
nothing is impossible
well up in all the subjects and
practice makes perfect
i am happy and very excited when i am know
my result
that is the upshot for my hardworking